What is included in a standard clean?

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In all areas of the home:


  • empty the bins
  • vacuum and mop all the floors
  • dust all the surfaces


In the kitchen:


  • wipe the fridge (outside)
  • clean the counter tops
  • wipe all appliances
  • clean the sink
  • clean the stove
  • wash and dry any dishes
  • wipe down dishwasher, washing machine, kettle and toaster
  • clean hob
  • wipe bin


In the bathrooms:


  • clean counter tops
  • scrub toilets (inside and out)
  • wipe bathroom cabinets (outside)
  • clean sinks
  • rinse and wipe bath tubs
  • clean window ledges


In the bedrooms:


  • quick de-clutter of the floors
  • make beds (request new linen)
  • wipe table tops


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