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After-Builders Cleaning Services

After Builders

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Welcome to our After Builders Cleaning Services!

At Buzzmaids, we understand that construction or renovation projects can leave behind a mess that requires thorough cleaning. Our professional after-builders cleaning services are designed to restore your space to its pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy the results of your project without the stress of post-construction cleanup.

Our After Builders Cleaning Services:

Dust and Debris Removal: We start by removing all traces of dust, debris, and construction waste from your premises. Our team will carefully clean and vacuum all surfaces, including floors, walls, and ceilings, to eliminate any remnants of the construction process.


Surface Cleaning and Sanitization: We thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces, including countertops, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures. Our cleaners use specialized products to remove construction-related stains and grime, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

Floor Cleaning: We provide comprehensive floor cleaning services, tailored to the specific flooring materials in your space. Whether you have hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpeted floors, our team will employ the appropriate cleaning methods and products to restore the floors to their original shine and cleanliness.

Window and Glass Cleaning: Our after-builders cleaning services include the cleaning of windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors. We will remove any construction residues and streaks, leaving them crystal clear and free from smudges or marks.

Final Touches: We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. As part of our after-builders cleaning services, we can assist with additional tasks such as removing stickers or labels, polishing surfaces, and organizing the space to make it ready for use or occupancy.


We take pride in providing exceptional after-builders cleaning services that leave your space looking immaculate and ready for use. Our specialized expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to efficient service make us the preferred choice for post-construction cleanup.

Contact us today to discuss your after-builder’s cleaning needs and to schedule a consultation. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can enjoy the results of your construction project without the hassle of cleanup.

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