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Why Choose Buzzmaids?

Eco Friendly Techniques

You can rest assured that after a carpet cleaning service from us, you won't experience any irritation associated with our eco-friendly cleaning agents.

We Save You Time

Hiring us saves you time and the hassle of getting dirty while you could be doing something more productive with your time.

Avail Free Quote

Get a free quote and get to know about our quality services over the phone with reasonable prices and no obligation to select one.

Budget Considerations

By choosing us, your carpet gets cleaned by highly trained experts who know the ins and outs of getting your carpets to shine.

Card Payment

Our carpet cleaners carry secure card machines with them which helps customer in fast and secure payments for our services.

Payment Ease

We believe in customer quality and one way of ensuring this is we enable our customer to pay however they want to so for that purpose all payment methods are accepted.

Offers You Can’t Ignore

2 Rooms

2 carpeted rooms of any size will be steam cleaned by our cleaning experts using reliable and eco-friendly products.
£ 48

3 Rooms

3 carpeted rooms will be steamed by our professional cleaners using high-quality equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
£ 66

2 Bed House

Our professional cleaners will steam clean your 2 bed house which also comes with a special offer.
£ 94.80

3 Bed House

Our trained experts will steam clean your 3 bed house with the latest equipment available.
£ 106.80
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