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House Cleaning Tips

For some, keeping a clean and tidy house is a religion. For others, keeping things neat and organised can become more of a challenge. Regardless of which category you fall into, the allure of a well kept house is extremely desirable. Here are some top house cleaning tips for when you’re in a pinch or you just want to feel a little better about yourself by tidying up. A tidy house is a tidy life and a happy one at that.

Clean Your Mirrors

This might seem like a small and very low impact cleaning tip, but trust us, wiping down your mirrors and removing handprints, toothpaste stains and water droplets can be a huge improvement to your home. You won’t even need some fancy mirror cleaners, some good ole vinegar and newspaper will due the trick to turn your dull, stained mirrors into something bright and new looking. Your house automatically looks cleaner when you can picture it in a clean and shiny mirror.

Rinse Plates and Load the Dishwasher (even if you don’t turn it on!)

A pile of dirty and unwashed dishes looks nasty sitting on your kitchen counters. But on the same hand, you don’t necessarily want to be slaving away in the kitchen every time someone in your house uses a dish, right? The solution to keeping this area of the home clean is a simple one. Start the practice of rinsing all your plates and dishes, this makes cleaning them easier and gets rid of unsightly food smells and sights. If you have a dishwasher, load the rinsed plates inside and then wait till it’s full to start it. Alternatively, if you don’t have a dishwasher, still rinse the plates but you can either stack them neatly on the side of the sink or even in the sink itself. Regardless, it makes the kitchen area look neater instead of crowding the counters with dried on food plates.

Clean the Oven (seriously!)

A commonly missed place to clean in the home is the oven. You might think that the high temperatures of the oven keep it pretty clean, but you’re wrong. The high temperatures of oven baking and broiling actually bakes in any spilled food items into the bottom of the oven, yuck! To combat this gross scenario, spray your oven with oven cleaner and set it to self-clean, then wipe it down upon completion of the cleaning cycle. You’ll be amazed at t he gunk that comes out.

Don’t Neglect the Microwave and Fridge

In appliances that get used multiple times on a daily basis, you know there is going to be some element of dirt that needs to be cleaned up. Whether its food stains or spills or just expired food in the fridge, you should make it a monthly process to clean out both the microwave and fridge. It promotes an overall better health for both your family and your food because you might not potentially be eating something that’s expired.

Cleaning a microwave is easy, boil a cup of water inside it to loosen dried on food stains, then simply wipe it down. For the cleaning of your fridge, simply empty it of its contents, checking food labels as you go, then wipe down the shelves and sides. Use a solution of baking soda and water to do the job. Now your fridge and microwave are cleaner and smell great and your house is just a few steps closer to being that perfect clean space that you desire it to be.

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