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Dust – an introduction

It seems no matter how much we vacuum and wipe, there is always dust flying around. That coffee table you just wiped down? Dusty. That crystal chandelier you cleaned two weeks ago? Dusty already. That’s why many of you may wonder where all this dust is even coming from — especially if the windows of your home always remain shut.
There is often a misconception that dust always come from the outdoors. Yes, dirt particles do creep into our homes through open doorways and air vents. But dust is also produced from within — as in from within us…
A huge percentage of indoor dust is made up of our dead skin cells. Even if we’re sitting still reading a book or watching TV, the top layer of our skin is constantly shedding. This happens even more so when our skin is particularly dry.
And as miniscule as dust particles are, did you know they contain even more bits? Everything from potpourri to cigarette ash to cosmetic powder is found in indoor dust. Tiny fibres of human hair and pet hair are also present as is microscopic bits of food. Dust also contains lint from carpets and rugs as well as tiny thread particles from our clothing.
Outdoor dust is usually comprised of completely different matter. These particles contain just about anything that can be crumbled into smaller bits. For example, dust can come from broken down concrete, sidewalk pebbles and pollen from flowers and plants — just to name a few. And don’t forget the insects. Outdoor dust can contain insect excretion and the dead skin cells of these little creatures.
Meanwhile, here’s a fun fact: Scientists say some dust particles come from Space. Little rocks and meteoric material are constantly falling from the sky — some of them from the dinosaur era! These tiny bits are constantly flying about the atmosphere, settling on our windows and tabletops over the years.
Imagine how dusty your home is given the combination of indoor and outdoor dust that is flying around. A dusty space can be particularly harmful to your health. Try to avoid sweeping or using a feather duster. These tools may seem handy, but all they do is move the dust around — allowing it to settle again over time. Rather, wipe down hard surfaces with a moist cloth and vacuum your floors often. Dust is produced at a rapid rate. But frequent cleaning will ensure you’ve got it under control so your family can enjoy a dust-free home!
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