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How to Clean Hard to Reach Places

Detailed house cleaning also involves cleaning all the places that are hard to reach. These parts are not cleaned on a daily basis and cleaning these can also be very time consuming. No matter how time consuming it is you still need to take out some time for dealing with these parts of your home. These should be at the top of your priority list when you embark on a spring clean.

Some of these jobs include scrubbing the hidden parts of the floors, dusting the ceilings and cleaning your windows, doors and cabinets. Always remember you need to do all these spring cleaning jobs with great care.

Stretching to reach these parts can be quite dangerous and might end up into sprains or falls. Many of us like to ignore the areas that are hidden out of sight, but this will lead to the accumulation of grime, dust and dirt there. This will make cleaning them even tougher and you will have to spend much more time on scrubbing these surfaces, nooks and crannies. So, it is better not to ignore such places and include them in your domestic cleaning list to clean them each month or two.

Here are few tips and tricks that will help you make the job simpler and easier. These tricks will also help you save some time.

Use the right tools

Having proper tools is a must for deep cleaning. If you do not have the right tools then it is very difficult to reach such places. Some people have vacuum cleaners that have different kinds of attachments that can access such hidden places. If you have such a vacuum cleaner then you can use it, but if not, you do not need to buy one.

You can also use a low-cost duster for this purpose. If your duster has an extendable handle then it is the best solution for this type of home clearance. Thin dusters are very good for accessing tight spaces like the spots between electrical equipment and walls.

Microfiber cloths are another type of useful tools for any type of domestic clearance job you need to do. These are so useful that you can even store a stack of them at your home so that you have them at hand all the time. No other tool is better at picking up tiny dust and dirt particles than these cloths.

Get a step stool

The step stool is another tool that is a must if you want to do deep home clearance and waste removal easily. If you do not have one then you will have to use a chair or table to reach the higher places.

However, tables and chairs can be unstable and might cause you to fall. A sturdy step stool or ladder is a must especially when you need to reach ceilings or high cabinets. It can be noticed in most of the cases that a huge amount of dust and debris is accumulated on the top of the cabinets.

So, it is very important to clean there. These kinds of stools allow reaching these areas easily.

Other necessities

There are a few other small but very important tools like sponges, brushes and gloves that play a very vital role in house clearance. These tools can never be avoided as without their help you cannot get the same results.

Many of us ignore the hard to reach places when cleaning which can make the home clean a tough and time-consuming job at a later date. Heed to these tips and your chores will.

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